Val’s Success Story

Val’s testimonial after completing the 90 Day Freedom to Flourish UK programme.

“Hello, my name is Val.

I recently signed up and completed for the 90-day course with Joanne Waine. It was not a light decision and I had intended to use the money for a ‘well deserved cruise’. However, a quick fix to enjoy a holiday would not change my lifestyle on my return. I was gifted a small amount of money so I redirected it to my transformation into who I am now.

In fact the journey I embarked on became more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Anyone who truly wants to make changes for the better and live the life they deserve, must not hold back on any uncomfortable secrets that we all have in our past or living with it in the present. The power it had over me simply paralyzed my energy and eroded any opportunity of self-worth.

I uncovered traumas that happened in my childhood, middle age and more. With Joanne’s skills, I took control of any power it had over me. Each decade in my life has contained a mistaken thought or event of blame/guilt that felt so real. My subconscious mind put that feeling on the list of low self-esteem labels that I considered true. How can anyone move forward with such heavy mental shackles pulling you backwards?

Outwardly I am a confident, funny, hard working woman. I never married but now at the age of 61, realise I naively invested in emotional martyrdom with far too many relationships that paid no dividends. Quite the reverse, resulting in physical and violent emotional damage. I was attracting completely the wrong sort of partner. I had given up on starting any relationship due to the failures of the past. It was affecting how I worked too. My mind was on overdrive.

I have learnt new attitudes, values and filters to issues that in the past would have destroyed my confidence. Of course, life will always give me challenges but I am not unable to overcome them. Quite the contrary, I face each day with a happiness and joy that I have so missed. Living in the present is not ignoring my responsibilities but fearing the future is totally pointless to me now. I also am prepared to welcome an affectionate and responsible lover who will enhance me as a being, and whom I can enrich in turn.

I hope that anyone thinking of taking the same path as I did, will find this useful. I decided on a longer course of sessions to achieve my final holistic result. All symptoms of stress/addictions come from an unhappy life so one-off therapy appointments were never going to be enough for me.

Good luck to you and thank you to Joanne for appearing in my life, just at the right time.”
June 2017


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