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A letter from Alison … “Thank you, Joanne, for all your help with overcoming my phobia of dentists.

When I first came to see you, I had an acute anxiety over anything to do with dentists – I couldn’t even talk about it or look at pictures on TV let alone set foot in a dentist’s surgery! The trauma of visiting the dentist would leave me feeling physically ill for days afterwards, and I had avoided having any treatment for over 10 years.

After several sessions with you, and practicing the exercises that you gave me to do at home, I then I felt ready to take my first big step – to contact a dentist for an assessment. I was amazed by the difference in how I felt. I was able to visit the dentist and have an examination, with none of the usual nerves and anxiety leading up the appointment. I felt calm and relaxed throughout the appointment and when I left I was able to carry on with my day to day tasks without even a backward thought about what had happened.

I have now also been able to go and have treatment, and even refused the sedation that I was offered!

The knock on effect is that I also feel more positive in my life overall, and motivated to push ahead and achieve things that I have been putting off or that I did not think possible.

I am happy to recommend you to anyone who is struggling with a fear that is holding them back and having a negative effect on their life, as I think that they will find it hugely beneficial to them. Keep up the good work!

Alison Milton Keynes”


Jamie from Wootton, Beds wrote:

Joanne, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you have done to help my insomnia.

I have noticed such a positive change in myself since I came to see you at the end of November/beginning of December and all of my friends and family have noticed it too.

I have learned to sleep a lot better
using all of the techniques you have shown me has helped such a great deal.

Learning to relax and how the subconscious mind can work really does make you think twice about certain things and has given me such a lot of confidence and reassurance over the last few months.

You are lovely to talk to and made me feel at ease and just want to say a massive thank you, I would highly recommend you.