Sleep Problems

cant sleep

So why do we get sleep problems?
Fed up of those blurry eyes and week morning body?  You are not alone with this problem, I can help you.

About a third of us will have had difficulty sleeping at one time or another, however, approximately 10% of the population will experience a genuine bout of insomnia. This condition can last anywhere from a few days to a few months and in some cases, years

I have helped many clients to improve their sleep patterns, as each person has individual needs it is not possible to generalise.

However, one of the most useful routines to make for the worriers is to allow seven minutes ‘worry time’ before going to bed. This seems to stop the need to wake up and do the planning or worrying during the night. Relaxation towards a rapid drift off to sleep, sleep education, sleep hygiene education – including diet, exercise and environmental factors. Sleep restrictions as poor sleepers often get up late. Restriction begins with limiting the time spent in bed to the times they are actually asleep. This retrains the sleep pattern. Hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy addresses thoughts, attitudes and misconceptions. Worries are examined, evaluated and replaced with more helpful thinking. Medication via the GP (often helpful for very short periods) should only be reduced under medical supervision. Often the medication does not give the very deep quality sleep needed for our best health.

What to do next!
Call now to see how I can help you get that good quality sleep a wonderful, restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for their day.  Do you need help, or, do you know someone who needs help to sleep?  Quality sleep is central to human health and happiness and should be natural i.e. not influenced by alcohol, medication or poor food and drink choices.