Private and Confidential – are you stuck in your own dungeon?

Hooked on the fatty foods?
Hooked on the fatty foods?

What a fool, quoth he, am I, thus to lie in a stinking dungeon, when I may as well walk at liberty!  I have a key in my bosom, called Promise, that will, I am persuaded, open any lock in Doubting Castle.  ~John Bunyan

 So, are you locked in your own stinking dungeon of Doubting Castle?
I have recently been reading some inspirational quotations and the above quote stood out, not only because of the local author but I have heard from so many people that they feel ‘trapped’ in their ‘fat and ugly bodies’ with no confidence to face the scanty clothes of summer on beaches or perhaps go to a summer wedding. Are you one of these?  Are you missing out on life?  Are you lacking the confidence and you just know everyone else has it?  Are you locked in your own stinking dungeon of a body waiting for outside help to let you be free?

So why would you want to look forward to being more confident and slimmer and why not?

  • Have you bad embarrassing historical memories of summer holidays in your mind?
  • Have you linked your negative feelings about your body to a holiday location?
  • Perhaps you overheard some nasty words about your body or your partner made fun of you.
  • Did you have a wonderful holiday romance and want it to continue afterwards … then blamed your body for the problem?
  • Would you like the confidence to have fun that you see ‘everyone else’ doing.
  •  Somehow you feel you do not deserve the same happiness!
  • Is it ‘safer’ to stay overweight and at home indoors?
  • Is it safe for you to know you are beautiful and deserve a happy fun life?

What is happening inside you?

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you look after something more when you love and cherish it or only when you hate it?  Something we just don’t realise is that we can choose how we feel. You can learn to choose which thoughts you want to give meaning to and which unhelpful thoughts you can just let go.  Perhaps we get sympathy and contacts we didn’t get before. If we were no longer a victim, then we would miss out on the extra attention.  We probably all know someone like this. People who overeat get that buzz comfortable feeling of being full, a quick fix.  However, having overeaten the ‘buzz feeling’ produced soon wears off, they feel guilty or bad and so the cycle starts again … binge eating.  When you were a baby you were able to eat when you were hungry and stop when you were full.  The perfect size and shape for yourself.  Then … guess what?  The culture of the family steps in, and you learned to overcome this natural resource of eating to stay alive.  You had to finish up everything on your plate, eat at set meal time … even if you were not hungry.  Eat to please mummy or daddy to grow big and strong!  Eat to celebrate, eat out of sorrow, eat to please someone, eat so as not to upset someone else. So much eating for unnatural reasons!

So why do we stay stuck?

It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.  ~Sally Field

Basically, we are purpose driven, that means that we get something out of being stuck.  It is safer to stay stuck than to chance being wrong, even if we are really unhappy about where we are in life. We are looking at the evidence and finding ourselves guilty by mind reading what someone else may be thinking about us. The silly thing is that we are doing the same actions, thoughts and behaviours and expecting a change just to happen! It won’t happen unless you do something different. So all change really begins with a thought change.

So how do we overcome the problem?
Have you found that diets do not work in the long term? They are temporary and, as the metabolism slows down, when they come off the diet the weight comes on more. You are programmed to survive, your unconscious mind, your intuition is prompting you to make the changes to enhance your life.  To go on holiday and enjoy yourself and how you look.  All the people I have worked with using the HypnoSlimmer method have lost  centimetres from their body as they reclaim their natural eating patterns of eating when you are hungry and stopping when full.  They learn to listen to their body as to how hungry they are now … just as they did as a baby.  They learn how to overcome the need to use their stomachs as a waste bin.


Hypnotherapy/Counselling/Life Coaching can help.
I have helped people overcome the deep-seated psychological problems that inhibited their progress … in effect healing their past. Deep traumas like rape, abuse, embarrassment, relationship issues, road traffic accidents, etc.  This is then taken to living the present, that may sound strange, yes you can really enjoy living in the present, it is your choice.  This then leads to planning a course of action to gain your desires in the future.  If you go shopping in Sainsbury’s you usually have some idea what you go in for, the same in life.  If you just wander around wondering, then you will remain wandering around and wondering!


Now your call to action, what will happen if you do this? See the relief and difference.

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie
Which we ascribe to heaven.
~William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

I use a combination of modern clinical hypnosis, NLP, and mind technology to safely and effectively reprogramme your unconscious mind in a safe and natural way, allowing you to reduce your shape and size to a level that you have always wanted.  With our unique and proven system, you can eat anything you want, and free yourself from the chains of calorie counting and weighing scales.

 Hypnotherapy/Counselling/Life Coaching can help.

Put your future in good hands – your own.  ~Author Unknown

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