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Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling
& Reiki  by Joanne Waine


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Joanne Waine is a highly experienced, motivated, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist totally committed to the empowerment of the individual.

Q. Can you help me to quit smoking? Help yourself to the Special Stop smoking programme with Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line, Mind Management systems in Kempston, Bedford  ... NO PATCHES ... NO DRUGS ...  Offering a natural way to increase your willpower too ...

Q. Can you help me to diet? Weight Loss Bedford ... Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Hypnosis ... Bedford - Slimming Bedford ... Loose weight ... Bedford
Gastric Band Hypnosis as part of a Slimming programme

Q. Can you help me with my relationship problems, sexual problems, loosing a partner? Resolving Relationship issues, New Relationship or Divorce Issues.

Q. Can you help me to sleep better and overcome insomnia?

Q. Can you help me to get over a fear of flying?

Q. Can you help me pass my driving test?

Q. Can you help with panic attacks, anxiety and low self esteem .
Quit Smoking become Smoke Free, Sleep better, thrive in Bedford,   Bedford & Hypnotherapy

Professional help specialising: Weight Loss, Relationships, Anxiety & Stress, Phobias, depression, headaches, stress, skin-disorders, thoughts, behaviours,passing your driving test, phobia, weight issues, compulsions, emotions, insomnia, inhibitions, fear, guilt feelings, anger, jealousy, bad habits like smoking and biting nails, relationship issues, high blood pressure  and many of the worries and anxieties of everyday professional, sports, private and social life.  Hypnotherapy can help so many things

stress : Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy for weight loss, Slimming slim - hypnotic gastric band : stopping smoking : trauma : etc

More than Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy/
Counselling/Reiki for Kempston, Bedfordshire, Bedford, Kempston, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes, Northampton

HypnoSlimmers Weight Loss for life Programme
When your head tells you to be slimmer but other parts of you want the wrong foods, cakes, pies, pastries, sweet things.  Are you an emotional overeater?

What is a phobia and what can be done about it?

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy often helps when conventional methods have failed.

The benefits of hypnosis in therapy are well established, and have been used to bring about beneficial changes for centuries

Reiki and Karuna Reik®
Japanese form of Stress Management which also promotes healing and compassionate action.
Therapy and training opportunities.

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NO PAIN - JUST GAIN  ... Joanne Waine

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High Blood Pressure

Have you been diagnosed with Hypertension?
You can arrange a free meeting to discuss your needs.

Relationship Issues & Stress Management
Overcoming anxiety, worry, panic, lack of confidence. Tailor made for individuals and companies.

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